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The leadership team at the Christian Church of Estes Park

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at the Christian Church of Estes Park.

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Aaron Dorman - Lead Pastor

Aaron is an Estes Park native. Born on the day of the Big Thompson Flood, Aaron feels somewhat at home in the midst of chaos…perhaps that’s why he’s so well suited for the role of Senior Pastor! Growing up, Aaron had the unique opportunity to experience Christ from several different faith traditions in his family, before he committed his heart and life to Christ in 1992 and was baptized (in a hot tub!) in 2000.

Upon graduating from Estes Park High School in 1995, Aaron began attending Classes at Sterling College (in Sterling, Kansas) where he served as chaplain for his football team, student government, and dorm. In 1997 Aaron married his high school sweetheart and the love of his life, Amy, and moved back to Estes Park where he began working as an electrician. In the fall of 1997 Aaron and Amy began attending the Christian Church of Estes Park where the young couple volunteered to help with the youth.


Immediately upon completing their degrees in 2003 Aaron and Amy found themselves en-route again to their hometown of Estes Park looking forward to their now roles, as Aaron took on the joy and excitement as Associate Pastor. In 2005 the Dorman household grew by one with the arrival of their son Thomas.

For ten years Aaron flourished in his role as Associate Pastor. During that time Aaron could be found serving in youth ministry, marriage/family counseling, mentoring, preaching, fixing computers, leading missions trips, video editing, coaching paintball, or hanging out at coffee shops visiting with his flock. Aaron lives the motto "life is ministry". In 2013 our previous Senior Pastor and Aaron's mentor, Scott Weber, faithfully completed his 17 year ministry to our congregation. During the transition our church family enthusiastically embraced and supported Aaron's leadership and vision for our church. Aaron's vision is simply for us to be disciples of Jesus that build disciples of Jesus. This vision beats at the core of Aaron's chest and is evidenced in his life as well as the very culture of our church. 

As for hobbies Aaron has a few...paintball, cooking, hiking, x-box, etc...but mostly he loves being a husband to his wife, a father to his son, a pastor to his church, and a disciple of his Lord.

If you're thinking, "Hey, I'd like to meet this Aaron guy!" then why not come on out to church and introduce yourself? Aaron would love to get to know you, as would the rest of us here at the Christian Church of Estes Park. 

Dorman Family - Aaron, Amy, & Thomas

Jesse Kirkpatrick - Family Pastor

Jesse grew up in Connecticut and spent lots of time in church, but even with a strong church background, Jesse did not truly love or follow Jesus until 2011 when he was 17. Ironically, it was during a missions trip with his church that God got ahold of his heart and caused him to be born again. Since then, Jesse has committed his life to serving Jesus and His church. 

After high school, Jesse enrolled at Davis College in upstate New York, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Counseling, and is currently working towards his Masters of Divinity at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. After his undergraduate work, Jesse felt called to pastoral ministry and moved to Santa Paula, California and served as an Associate Pastor at a small baptist church. After 5 years, Jesse and his family moved to Colorado to serve at the Christian Church of Estes Park.

In August of 2017, Jesse married his college sweetheart, Angelina, and in January of 2021, their family grew with the arrival of their firstborn daughter, Reagan. Jesse’s interests have quite a range - he is a lifelong musician, a coffee connoisseur, a diehard New England Patriots fan, a snowboarder, and a tattoo enthusiast - but above all of these things, Jesse is passionate about loving Jesus, loving his wife and daughter, and proclaiming the word of God.

Kirkpatrick Family - Jesse, Angelina, & Reagan

Cullen Parker - Worship and Community Pastor

Born and raised in Texas, Cullen began his walk with the Christ early, being raised in a Christian family. Throughout his childhood, Cullen thrived around people, always developing deep friendships through the various sports and activities he participated in. Discovering his musical gift in second grade, Cullen began learning and playing as many instruments as he could.

Throughout his teenage years and into young adulthood, Cullen led worship at his church in San Marcos, Texas. He also excelled as a competitive water ski athlete, meeting his wife, Rachel, on the Texas A&M Water Ski Team. Graduating from Texas A&M University in 2020, Cullen pursued a career as a touring musician and recording artist, traveling across Texas and nearby states with his band, Southern Angels. This experience allowed him to hone his leadership skills and find his unique voice as an artist.

After three years with Southern Angels, Cullen felt God calling him into vocational ministry. He left the band to serve God and His people through pastoral ministry. In November 2023, Cullen and Rachel moved to Estes Park to join the team at CCEP. Outside of church, they enjoy various activities together, such as skiing (water and snow), fly fishing, hunting, and spending time with loved ones. Above all, Cullen's love for God and His people shines through in everything he does.

Caleb Ross - Administrative Assistant

Caleb is an Estes Park native and was raised in the church. He and his family have attended the Christian Church of Estes Park since 2000. In 2009, Caleb decided to pursue the knowledge of God more deeply, and thus started a discipleship program under Pastor Aaron (who remains his mentor to this day). Under Aaron’s guidance, Caleb gave his life to Christ and began to seek Him through Bible study, active ministry, and theological discussion (his favorite thing to do). 

After high school graduation, Caleb decided to dedicate his life and career to the pursuit of ministry through teaching. He began attending Ozark Christian College to expand and solidify his Biblical foundation for that purpose. After graduation, Caleb returned to Estes Park where he started a ministry internship under Pastor Aaron and then recently joined the CCEP staff as Administrative Assistant.

Caleb’s passion is teaching and he ultimately aims to enter into the education system where he hopes to turn the culture of secular colleges into places where young Christians feel welcomed, and also strengthened in their faith through their pursuit of higher education. In the meantime, Caleb often teaches, fills in to preach, and leads our congregation weekly in our time of Communion. His heart is willing to do whatever is needed to minister. In between his work for the church and pursuit of greater knowledge of God, Caleb spends his time reading, writing, playing video games, and cooking all kinds of tasty meals.

If Caleb sounds like someone you might like to meet, learn from, or even have a theological discussion with, join us at the Christian Church of Estes Park and make sure to introduce yourself! Caleb will be happy to meet you and introduce you to the church that raised him!


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